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1 remove trees
10 birds eye view
11 stage 1 finished
12 Finally I have the only hose I could get my hands on
13 Putting on another layer of chicken mesh. 7 days work and 2000 ties
14 like this
15 Now we are ready to lay out the hose from the creek to the tank
16 I started the pump and two minutes later this
17 It took almost a day just to recollect all the hose
18 The slab was baddly done(in my absence) so Isidro and I had to put in a half metre deep foundation
19 Now lets pump
2 site ready
20 Aaaahhh! The back pressure is going to burst the suction pipe
21 A $58 tap in place, some friend s help to put it together
22 A few four-letter blessings and  Holy Water! (12th May)
23 Equipment ready - materials ready- nine workhands plus the cook Lets go!
24 Phase 1 gently pushing firm cement into the chicken mesh
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